A Dental Exam Can Catch Periodontal Disease Before It Causes Severe Complications

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Brushing your teeth each morning and night, while also making a concentrated effort to floss at least once each day is very important for maintaining a healthy mouth. This basic oral hygiene routine can help eliminate plaque and food residue before it can contribute to tooth decay problems or promote periodontal disease.

It’s also important to attend your regularly scheduled dental checkups at Pelham Oaks Dentistry’s clinic. Along with cleaning your teeth, this basic appointment will also examine your mouth for any early signs of an oral health condition. If you notice chronic inflammation in your gums or your periodontal tissues tend to bleed easily from brushing, and flossing. You might be experiencing the early symptoms of gum disease. This might also be associated with chronic bad breath.

Without professional intervention, the early inflammation of gingivitis can gradually develop into the more dangerous form of periodontal disease, which is known as periodontitis. This severe infection of the periodontal tissues can cause your gumline to pull back from the base of your teeth. As pockets of infection buildup near the roots of your teeth it can contribute to the loss of multiple teeth, as well as depleting the healthy bone structure in your mouth.

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