Dental X-rays are a part of your routine visits, but to make sure that your X-rays are as clear and detailed as possible, our dentists will use X-ray sensors. This small yet highly efficient device helps produce high-quality X-ray images that Dr. Trey Morrow and Dr. Pat Breaux can use to locate problems and provide early treatment. To learn more about how our X-ray sensors in Greenville, South Carolina, can benefit your dental care, we invite you to call Pelham Oaks Dentistry at 864-234-7023 and talk with our helpful team.

At our practice, we are always looking for the next best way that we can provide our patients with efficient, gentle, and convenient dental care. With X-ray sensors, we can do just that. In order to provide the high-quality dental care you deserve, it is imperative that our dentists be able to identify subtle issues throughout the oral cavity. By combining advanced software and hardware, X-ray sensors can produce extremely clear and detailed X-ray images.

When taking X-rays, some areas may be overexposed or underexposed, making it difficult to clearly see that area of the mouth. An X-ray sensor can prevent this by compensating for varying radiation exposure. No blurred X-rays means no retakes, which means that patients can avoid exposing themselves to additional radiation.

An X-ray sensor is a small device used in addition to regular X-ray technology. Because of its small size, patients do not experience any discomfort and major change from the routine X-ray procedure. This is especially beneficial to those who may have some degree of dental anxiety, which can arise from a change in routine or the use of an unfamiliar tool. As with any other procedure, our dentists will explain the process and purpose for using any technology so you can feel informed and comfortable.

To learn more about X-ray sensors and how they can improve your dental care, we invite you to contact our office today.