Tooth Sensitivity Could Be an Early Sign of Another Dental Condition

American Dental Association estimates estimated that around 12% of American adults experience some degree of tooth sensitivity. Common symptoms often include a stinging sensation when consuming hot, cold, sweet, or overly acidic foods and beverages. Initially you might find some temporary relief by brushing your teeth with a special tooth... Read more »

A Dental Exam Can Catch Periodontal Disease Before It Causes Severe Complications

Brushing your teeth each morning and night, while also making a concentrated effort to floss at least once each day is very important for maintaining a healthy mouth. This basic oral hygiene routine can help eliminate plaque and food residue before it can contribute to tooth decay problems or promote... Read more »

What Happens Before Root Canal Procedures

What have you heard about root canals? What do you know about root canal procedures? Here is a small bit of info we’ve assembled to help you know what you can expect during a root canal treatment. Please don’t hesitate to phone us if you have any more inquiries about... Read more »

Welcome to Our New Blog!

Here at Pelham Oaks Dentistry, we endeavor to use our new blog as a regular means for publishing valuable content for our community through monthly blog posts. Thanks to the wonders of the Internet, we’re able to further explore some of the most important topics pertaining to our industry and... Read more »