What Happens Before Root Canal Procedures

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What have you heard about root canals? What do you know about root canal procedures? Here is a small bit of info we’ve assembled to help you know what you can expect during a root canal treatment. Please don’t hesitate to phone us if you have any more inquiries about root canals.

When you come to our office for a root canal service, there are some things you can anticipate. To help you and your loved ones who will be receiving root canal services, we’ve put together this post of what you can expect when you receive root canal processes in our office. This post covers the steps the dentist will take before the root canal operation.

To make sure you’re due for a root canal treatment, the dentist will perform X-rays to see the tooth and surrounding bone. If any of your chompers are harmed enough, the dentist will elect that a root canal is the right option for your treatment. Next, the dentist will numb the tooth and the surrounding area so you feel little to no discomfort during the procedure. To shield the tooth from viruses and funguses that are regularly found in the mouth, the dentist will cover it with a thin sheet of latex.

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