What is a Root Canal?

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You’ve probably heard of this treatment before, but fewer people are familiar with the process of a root canal than you’d think. It’s a fairly common dental procedure that’s used to stop the spread of an infection in one tooth, to the rest of your healthy chompers.

Our dentists, Dr. Trey Morrow, Dr. Jennie Reardon, and Dr. Pat Breaux at Pelham Oaks Dentistry in Greenville, South Carolina are experts in treating root canals. We put this post together to help you understand what one is, and how to avoid needing one.

What is it?
A root canal is the process of removing the living bundle of nerves and blood vessels inside a tooth – called the “pulp” – after it’s become either infected, or died completely. The pulp is the living part of your teeth that helps it produce more enamel and fight against cavities.

Why would I need one?
Most people only need a root canal in extreme cases. When a tooth gets infected so badly that the pulp has actually died, then you’ll need a root canal. And if your tooth is infected, but not yet dead, a root canal may be a recommended course of treatment to ensure the infection doesn’t spread to your other healthy teeth.

How can I avoid one?
The easiest way to avoid needing a root canal is to practice great oral health habits – like brushing, flossing, and regular mouthwash use.

We’d much rather see you in our office for a regular cleaning than a root canal. If you need more information, call us today at 864-234-7023.