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Are you familiar with the benefits of caring for your smile even in the face of diabetes? If you are unaware, diabetes is a condition in which an individual has issues and problems with their body’s ability to process sugar. If you are suffering from diabetes, it is known to cause several health risks throughout your body, one of which includes issues associated with your oral health.

Several health risks associated with diabetes in your smile often arise due to your mouth having complications associated with changes in your blood sugar. Because gum disease also increases your blood sugar, it can, in turn, affect your diabetes and cause further complications with the condition.

As diabetes affects nearly 10% of the population, let your dentist know you have it so that treatments can be altered and designed specifically for your oral health needs. Due to risks associated with diabetes and your smile, you may need to visit your dentist more frequently for routine checkups and exams.

If you require aid with your oral health if you are suffering from diabetes, you are welcome to book an appointment with Pelham Oaks Dentistry by calling 864-234-7023. Dr. Trey Morrow, Dr. Pat Breaux and Dr. Jennie Reardon and our entire team at our dentist office in Greenville, South Carolina, look forward to enhancing your smile with treatments for diabetics.