The Steps of a Dental Cleaning

Do you have a dental cleaning coming up? If so, our dentists, Dr. Trey Morrow, Dr. Pat Breaux and Dr. Jennie Reardon, would like to help you prepare for your appointment by telling you all about the treatment steps involved. The more you know, the more comfortable you might feel in the dental chair. So, when you come to our... read more »

The Reasons Why Dental Cleanings Are Needed Every Six Months

Do you ever feel like your dental checkups aren’t necessary or important? If so, it’s time to change your mindset. Dental checkups are strongly recommended every six months. This is because they are vital for a strong and healthy oral health and smile. Our dentistss, Dr. Trey Morrow, Dr. Pat Breaux and Dr. Jennie Reardon, ask you to attend your... read more »

A Dental Exam Can Catch Periodontal Disease Before It Causes Severe Complications

Brushing your teeth each morning and night, while also making a concentrated effort to floss at least once each day is very important for maintaining a healthy mouth. This basic oral hygiene routine can help eliminate plaque and food residue before it can contribute to tooth decay problems or promote periodontal disease. It's also important to attend your regularly scheduled... read more »